Red River is a leading provider of managed cybersecurity services, managed cloud solutions, IT infrastructure solutions and more for federal and SLED as well as commercial customers.

With numerous contracts spanning various sectors, Red River needed a comprehensive solution to manage and track their business effectively.

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Red River utilized Govly’s centralized visibility and automated notifications to streamline their contract management and improve their capture of business opportunities. Govly’s comprehensive data and predictive insights transformed Red River’s sales approach, enabling more efficient and effective client interactions.


Red River struggled with managing opportunities and maintaining visibility across multiple contracts. This lack of visibility led to missed opportunities and inefficiencies, particularly in tracking RFQs and contract awards. They needed a unified system to manage various contracts and ensure no business was overlooked.


Govly’s platform provided Red River with a centralized view of all contracts, automated notifications, and enhanced opportunity forecasting. This resulted in increased business wins, significant time savings, improved client interactions, and fewer missed opportunities. Red River now operates more efficiently and effectively in the competitive public sector procurement landscape.

Challenges Managing Opportunities

Red River faced significant challenges in managing opportunities and maintaining visibility across their multiple contracts. This lack of visibility led to missed opportunities and inefficiencies, particularly when tracking Request for Quotes (RFQs) and contract awards. Additionally, Red River needed a centralized system to manage various contracts without manually checking multiple portals.

Solution Implementation

Red River decided to implement Govly, an AI-powered intelligence and capture platform for public sector procurement. The team quickly realized that Govly could provide comprehensive visibility and efficiency across their various contracts, as well as contracts they weren’t named on but could win business on alongside partners.

Key Benefits and Features

Centralized Visibility

Govly allowed Red River to view all the relevant contracts in one place. This included contracts they were not named on, providing a unified view of all opportunities and awards.

This centralization eliminated the need to navigate multiple portals, thereby streamlining their processes.

Automated Notifications

The platform's automation capabilities enabled Red River to set up notifications for specific OEMs, customers, or contract types. This ensured that they never missed an RFQ or an opportunity relevant to their business.

Automation also extended to opportunity forecasting, allowing Red River to predict potential future contracts based on historical data.

Enhanced Opportunity Forecasting

Govly’s prediction feature provided Red River with insights into upcoming opportunities. By understanding purchasing cycles and historical data, Red River could better prepare for and anticipate client needs.

Efficiency and Collaboration

Govly improved internal communication and collaboration. Sales representatives could quickly tag inside reps and share relevant information without extensive back-and-forth.

The platform also reduced the reliance on external partners for opportunity tracking, fostering greater independence and efficiency within the team.


Since implementing Govly, Red River has experienced significant improvements both operational efficiency as well as key business metrics. Key outcomes include:

  • Increased Business Wins: By having a comprehensive view of all opportunities, Red River has been able to capture more business, especially from contracts where they were not the prime.

  • Time Savings: The centralized system and automated notifications have saved the team substantial time, allowing them to focus on high-value activities and client interactions.

  • Improved Client Interactions: With better data and forecasting capabilities, Red River’s sales team can approach client meetings with detailed insights, enhancing their value proposition and strategic discussions.

  • Reduced Missed Opportunities: The ability to track RFQs and contract awards in real-time has significantly reduced the instances of missed opportunities, which were previously a common challenge.

Customer Feedback

Red River has expressed high satisfaction with Govly’s platform and support. The team highlighted Govly's ease of use, responsiveness to enhancement requests, and overall partnership quality. Specific praises were given to the customer service and the platform’s ability to consolidate vast amounts of data into actionable insights.

“Govly has been remarkably responsive to understanding the unique needs of our company. They are by far the most enjoyable partner we have to work with.” – Tara Hodgkins, Product Manager

“For me as a rep, it’s a game changer. I can’t imagine doing my job without it.” – Steve Hunter, DOD Account Executive

“Govly helps us operate more efficiently and win more business.” – Matt Conklin, Sales Director - Army and Defense Agencies


Govly has proven to be an indispensable tool for Red River, transforming their approach to contract management and opportunity tracking. With enhanced visibility, automated processes, and powerful forecasting tools, Red River can now operate more efficiently and effectively in the competitive public sector procurement landscape.

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