Award data is now live in Govly, helping public sector sales teams discover and win more business
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Award data is now live in Govly, helping public sector sales teams discover and win more business

Mike Weiland
April 16, 2024
5 min read

Govly customers can now search and discover information on federal public sector awards.

The new Awards feature arms your team with in-depth details on who’s buying what, for how much and from whom. This creates a huge advantage for public sector sales teams and gives you the data you can use today to find new paths for revenue, research your competitors, uncover hidden opportunities, and grow your business.

And because it’s on the Govly platform, Award data can be accessed with the powerful intuitive user experience our customers have been raving about for years. We’ve even enriched the data and added enhanced functionality to create an experience better than anything available through other platforms or public sources.

  • Search and filter to find exactly the awards pertinent to your sales strategy
  • Organize based on agency, recipient, or set aside
  • Tap into native data visualization tools to monitor trends across the data you care about

A few common questions our customers are using the new Awards feature to answer in Govly

Which federal agencies are buying from my competitors?

By identifying which agencies are purchasing from your competitors, you can pinpoint potential opportunities for your own offerings. This insight allows you to strategize more effectively, tailoring your sales pitch to meet the needs and preferences of these prospects. Stay one step ahead by understanding your competition's client base.

Which resellers are working with the competition?

Understanding the partnerships and networks your competitors are leveraging is crucial for carving out your niche in the public sector. With our Awards recipient data, you gain visibility into not just who your competitors are selling to, but also who they’re partnering with to win bids. This information can help you explore potential alliances, find new partners, and differentiate your approach.

Who’s buying products and services that complement mine?

Expand your market reach by identifying new customer segments. Learn which public sector organizations are investing in products and services that complement yours. This information opens up new avenues for cross-selling and upselling, allowing you to approach these potential clients with compelling solutions that add value to their existing purchases.

Who’s got money left to spend?

Unlock untapped market potential by identifying contracts that still have unobligated funds left to spend. This critical piece of information allows you to target your sales efforts toward agencies with potential spending power.

Get started with Awards

Awards is currently live in beta for all customers. Head to your Govly account to try it out today or get in touch with our team if you’d like to see a demo.

And stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to Awards in the near future!

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